Moisture Control For Your Wood Garage Door

When you think of water you might think of swimming in the summer, taking a nice hot shower or an April Spring rain.  When you think of wood it may conjure up visions of warm winter fires, campfires, fishing decks at your vacation homes.  When you think of wood AND water together the picture isn’t so nice.

Wood normally and naturally absorbs water.  There is a shrink – swell ratio that occurs with any wood surface from the trees outside to the flooring in your home and even your wood garage doors.

We work with manufacturers that believe that when you make an investment purchase for your home that it should last a nice long time.  Garage Headquarters uses a moisture control system to preserve their products and keep them looking new as long as possible.

As with any wood product, it’s important to protect the door from water infiltration, which can lead to rot and decay. Garage Headquarters  Platinum and Gold Series doors feature our exclusive Moisture Control System to help assure your doors will last for years to come. This system includes:

No exposed vertical end grain on door bottom.

Horizontal cap board seals off the end grain of the tongue-and-groove surface material, eliminating the absorption    of moisture.

•“Wet” glazed windows.

Each piece of glass is sealed in place by a “wet” bead of sealant.

Drip Cap.

A beveled moulding recessed into the surface material along the top edge of the bottom trim board, the drip cap prevents water from pooling on the bottom board and seeping into the door, thus minimizing the possibility of mold or wood rot.

• Vent Holes.

Holes drilled into each section of the door’s interior facilitate the natural drying of   moisture within the door caused by temperature and humidity changes. This prevents  the damaging build-up of moisture within the door’s interior cavity.

Beveled trim board.

Located under the lite sections, the trim    board sheds water and prevents pooling and   potential leakage into the door’s interior cavity, again maximizing the life of the door.

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